Precious Success

eagleOur Desire

The desire to improve is embedded in most of us.  It is kind of a DNA thing.  By now most of us realize we are not ever going to be perfect, we are not seeking perfection but rather ways to live and express ourselves in a higher way, to achieve the things that are personally important to us.

Success is personal.  It means different things to different people.  To some earning a 6 figure salary denotes success; while for others improving and mending relationships is the definition of success.

What has caught my attention today is the idea that success does not always bring growth; but that personal growth will always add to our our success.  That it is not what I get from success, but what I am becoming by it.

By not asking “what’s in for me” but rather “what am I becoming” through this experience, career, relationship etc; I can shift my perspective into a bigger picture.


Destination dis-ease and quick fixes have colored our idea of success.  Improvement does not come through quick fixes.  Our fast world of technology bombards us daily with the newest, fastest and most painless ways to attain just about anything.  In fact though, improvement/success is an ongoing process.  There is no secret to success…only perseverance and disciplined intent.

On Going Process

“There is an eagle in me that wants to soar and a hippopotamus in me that wants to wallow in the mud” ~ Carl Sandburg

Yes, there are days that we want and sometimes need to wallow for a bit.  There are often gems to be found in that mud.  The trick is to choose soaring more often then wallowing.  The wallowing is us getting comfortable; wanting to stay in the place we know.  Soaring is stepping out; taking a chance, risking failure.  If we want to grow; this is necessary…just ask any baby bird.

Today make a promise to yourself.  Commit to daily steps towards improvement, not perfection.  Small steps bring rewards.

“If you study a subject every day for 1 hour, 5 days a week, in five years you will be an expert in that area.” ~ Earl Nightingale

2 Important Words

Intention and Contemplation….two important words that will help you to move towards your definition of personal success.

Every morning start your day by asking yourself what your intention is.  This simple exercise signals a commitment to yourself and is a good touchstone to return to throughout the day.

If you are serious about personal success and improvement; time alone is non-negotiable.  Alone time will give you the space and perspective you need to evaluate, gain perspective, to hear yourself.

You are Worth It

Today you can decide to:

  • believe you are worth improving.  If you need to examine your beliefs about worthiness there are many resources available for you, or work with a trusted friend, counselor or coach.
  • pick one area to focus on.  Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many areas of learning.
  • remind yourself that you are a work in progress.  You don’t need to be perfect or to have all the answers or learn everything in one day.


Share your thoughts on success and personal growth by leaving a comment!

About Tucker

I am entrepreneurial by nature, love to read and research, and hope to be a great writer one day. I recently launched Connections Business Solutions which offers small business services, with a focus on virtual assistance.
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